Wednesday, May 9, 2018

By the Gods!

John Drew Barrymore and Susy Andersen in ROME AGAINST ROME (aka War of the Zombies ; 1964)

Next week I'll post an update of the much delayed ULTIMATE MOST WANTED LIST, titles missing from my collection or titles which still don't have an adequate copy of it out there. And this title is certainly on the top of  my list. Why is it so hard to get a beautiful print of this film? It was actually one of the PEPLUM films released to theatres in the US / Canada. There are fans of it who would like to see it in a restore version. It's a unique PEPLUM film, a combo of horror and history.


lina esposito said...

I never seen this one

orsh549 said...

I do have a remastered version of this movie in widescreen. This is by a company whose name is SUBSTANCE. My concern about this DVD by this company is not quite up to par. The color is good, but everything seems to be on a darker side. There should of been more brightness which leads me to believe that it could of been taken from a VHS tape. I have not been able to find any others of better quality. I did see this in the movies when I was young and can remember it was part of a horror double feature. It would be nice if you can find a pristine copy of it maybe from some where in Europe.