Thursday, December 21, 2017

By the Gods!

Manto (Alessandra Panaro) is about to be sacrificed in THE BACCHANTES (1961)

This is one of my favourite PEPLUM films. I made a Fan Dub of it, which I'm quite proud of. Unfortunately, I can't upload it to Youtube since it's blocked, by StudioCanal, in over 40 countries, the music is copyrighted AND there's a false copyright claim on it by some shady company. I might upload some scenes which doesn't have some major part of the score but uploading it in its entirety will prove almost pointless since few people will be able to see it. I'm thinking of doing a 'Sacrifice'  compilation, and I'll include a short scene from it. 

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lina esposito said...

Loved it ,this scene have been reused in Hercules vs Moloch.