Monday, December 4, 2017

By the Gods!

The Medusa in PERSEUS THE INVINCIBLE (1963 ; also known as Medusa vs the Son of Hercules)

One of the fun things I discovered a decade ago when I began watching PEPLUM films was this production. The special effects were by Carlo Rambaldi, who later worked on KING KONG (1976) and ET - THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL, with Steven Spielberg. I really like this version of the Medusa, which was clearly meant to be more monster-like than 'woman with snakes for hair' we're all familiar with. There are different versions of this film, including a Spanish one with totally different edit and additional effects. The film also has an excellent score and good cast. The US title, for the SONS OF HERCULES series, doesn't make a lick of sense. Perseus preceded Hercules.


Scott Ochiltree said...

I agree this is one of the best Peplum monsters.

Monsters do not have to be extra large to be scary, at least if they are imaginatively done.

Richard Svensson said...

It's a very alien concept for a classic mythological monster. But it certainly works, because it's different and interesting. I've always been facinated by huge monster suits and puppets, from the materials that go into making them, to the logistics of getting them to perform effectively. It seems Rambaldi excelled at this particular craft.

Anonymous said...

Few, if any, of the Sons of Hercules titles make any sense. Embassy Pictures bought the rights to several Sword and Sandal films and released them as a TV package called The Sons of Hercules. They arbitrarily took a film and somehow made the hero a "Son of Hercules". I was just watching Terror of Rome Against the Son of Hercules and in that one they changed the name of Machiste to Poseidon, yet another Son of Hercules. Mars, God of War ended up being Venus Meets the Son of Hercules.