Wednesday, September 20, 2017

By the gods!

Ricardo Montalban, as Captain Gordon, in RAGE OF THE BUCCANEERS (1961)

It's also known as GORDON - THE BLACK PIRATE. Good film, almost on par with MORGAN THE PIRATE starring Steve Reeves. The story is not as 'tragic' as the latter film. Ricardo made many films in Europe which didn't hurt his acting career in the US, which was rare back then. His acting career lasted decades.

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Scott Ochiltree said...

Sounds like a most worthwhile pirate flick.

Back in 1961 the pirate genre was well past its peak. Occasionally, however, good pirate films - played "straight" rather than "campy" - could still be made.

Ricardo Montalban had a career noted for its versatility that spanned many decades. As a Mexican he was one of the few Hispanics (along with fellow Mexican Anthony Quinn) who made it big in Hollywood. Rita Hayworth was Hispanic culturally but was born in Brooklyn.

What is the status of this film's availability?