Wednesday, September 13, 2017

By the Gods!

Bella Cortez and Bruno Piergentili (as Dan Harrison) are the stalwart couple in ALI BABA & THE SEVEN SARACENS (1964)

This is the film that got my previous Youtube channel a strike, even though the film IS in the public domain in North America. Something to do with the soundtrack being under copyright law. It's one way for European distributors to prevent their films from being uploaded at Youtube. The film itself might be in the public domain but not the soundtrack. It's an odd way around but it's working. I got the strike after I submitted the film to be monetized. This is why I don't bother with Youtube demonetizing my uploads anymore. It's a trap. And it's the reason why Patreon is the way to go. I'd like to upload this fun movie at my channel but I won't.

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