Friday, March 10, 2017

By the Gods!

Ettore Manni and Yoko Tani in URSUS & THE TARTAR PRINCESS (1961)

An odd PEPLUM. It feels like the leftovers of other films and they cobbled it all up resulting in this final product. Is it bad? No but it's quite forgettable except for a few scenes. Yoko Tani was a popular Japanese actress in the 1960s, having appeared in other genre films, while Ettore was a regular actor of the PEPLUM genre, mostly providing actual acting for the usually non-acting bodybuilders starring in lead roles. The trailer shows a fight between Ursus of said title and a bear but that scene seems to have been obliterated since all of the many copies I have are missing that specific scene. I think the bear would have added much needed 'color' to the somewhat serious story. 

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