Friday, February 24, 2017

Retro Friday : Location - Palinuro Arch in Campania

(originally posted December 2011)

The Palinuro arch near the coastal city of Palinuro in the Italian province of Campania. A couple of films went on location there, including JASON & THE ARGONAUTS (1963) and HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN (1961).

 The Palinuro arch as seen in JASON & THE ARGONAUTS

The arch as seen in HERCULES & THE CAPTIVE WOMEN, with Reg Park above, trying to keep a ship from sailing off, and below Ettore Manni walking towards the arch.


Doc Savage said...

Neat to put a name to the locale in Argonauts!

E Olsen said...

Loved this film. Only movie I ever watched together with my distant cousin Dan Smith, who ironically became US ambassador to Greece.