Thursday, February 9, 2017

By the Gods!


The costumes in this film are amazing. Thy look absolutely authentic. No detail has been spared. It's a shame the script is so...disappointing. Could have been one of the greats, certainly with Marais in the lead. Brad Pitt has been trying to make a film on Pontius Pilate for years now but the project has been delayed many times. 


Richard Svensson said...

I consider Pontius Pilate to be one of the more interesting characters in the Bible. Hollywood's track record of late with biblical or ancient era subjects is not smashing, exactly. But if Pitt has a vision of an interesting story to tell with the character, then he might be able to pull it off. I'd rather see a low-key and personal film, rather than an overblown spectacle.

Maciste said...

Jean Marais "The God of Ice" according to the French, I agree.