Monday, August 8, 2016

Movie Poster Mondays

Japanese poster of CARTHAGE IN FLAMES

Busy poster which, in an odd way, is much better than the film itself.


Scott Ochiltree said...

Fascinating poster! The warrior even looks a little Japanese around his eyes.

The poster claims that the film was made in Technicolor, but I doubt that is correct. The Technicolor process required special cameras running three grayscale reels simultaneously (color filter for each reel).

These cameras had to be rented from the Technicolor Corporation. I doubt if they were ever made for 70mm. Such cameras would have been extremely bulky.

Instead, I suspect the Technicolor corporation made the prints from Eastman Color film. Eastman Color was a single strip (multi-layered) product introduced by Kodak in 1950 and upgraded in 1952. It quickly drove Technicolor out of the market, except for making prints.

Technicolor produced deeply saturated colors, with an effect almost like oil paintings. Its replacement by Eastman Color was most unfortunate, as Eastman Color films fade very badly.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese title is simply CARTHAGE.