Thursday, July 7, 2016

By the Gods!

Alfio Caltabiano (left) and Andre Lawrence (center) in SEVEN FROM THEBES

A very rare film that's more serious than the standard Italian-made PEPLUM. I recently got a widescreen copy of this which shows how good the film looks but the image is fuzzy. The screenshot above is not taken from this copy but from the non-widescreen copy available in English. I just stitched two screenshots together to make that image. This film is a must see in widescreen since it often utilizes super tight close-ups and in standard aspect ratio, it makes for a very claustrophobic experience. Trying to figure out the cast is extremely difficult since the original credits don't show anyone, including Alfio who was a regular star / stuntman in the PEPLUM genre. IMDb doesn't have Alfio credited even though he plays one of the greatest villains in all of the genre.

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