Thursday, July 14, 2016

By the Gods!

Venus (Annie Gorassini) tries to tempt Vulcan (Iloosh Khoshabe) in VULCAN - SON OF JUPITER

The one thing going for this film : sex. That's about it. A very sexy movie but story wise it's meh.

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Richard Svensson said...

For all its faults, I have a big soft spot for this movie. It might just be that I like Vulcan/Hephaistus in mythology, since he's an underdog who gets back at his oppressors. Khoshabe does not portray that Vulcan in this film, though much of the things connected with the character remains; his craft, his troubled love life, etc. It's simply the overall concept of actually seeing a film set in the world of mythology, and featuring the gods (though much of it is poorly executed) that I find appealing. And I think it's nice to see Khoshabe in a starring role.