Friday, May 20, 2016

Retro Friday : Stock Footage - The Castle

Retro Friday : Old posts updated (originally posted on November 27, 2010)

The shot above showing an army leaving a castle/fortress has been used and re-used in at least a dozen PEPLUM flicks. This screenshot was taken from CHALLENGE OF THE GLADIATOR. I still do not know the original source but it looks more medieval than Roman.

The footage was from CONSTANTINE & THE CROSS (below), one of the most 'sampled' titles by other PEPLUM films.

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orsh549 said...

Yes, this is from CONSTANTINE AND THE CROSS. When the rebellion took place in Rome his legions began their march to destroy Maxentius and his army. Your right when you said that this was used many times in other Peplums. Little did those extras ( Yugoslav Army at the time) know that their footage really get a workout in other films. I like the battle scenes from the movie they were well mounted even if the film's historical fact was lacking, but the battle of Rome at the Tiber River really happened.