Tuesday, May 17, 2016

By the Gods!

Sardanapolo (Howard Duff) crowns his brother, Sammash (Luciano Marin) as king of Babylon while Nira (Jocelyn Lane) watches on in WAR GODS OF BABYLON

There's a heated threesome going on between the three here : both brothers vie for Mira's affection but Mira cares more for one brother than the other. This film was a twin production with SLAVE QUEEN OF BABYLON starring Yvonne Furneaux and John Ericson. Same sets, same music, same costumes, etc. Different directors and cast but the rest was the identical. They probably got some sort of funding deal to make two films with the same budget. Personally speaking, the Babylonian setting is much more realized in this film that the Yvonne Furneaux one. But the acting or actors are better in SLAVE QUEEN OF BABYLON than in this film. Everyone is slumming here, including a bored looking Duff. But it's still a very entertaining PEPLUM film. It would make a fun double feature.

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