Monday, March 7, 2016

Movie Poster Mondays

Belgian poster for THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS

Released the same year as HERCULES (1958), this was another stand-out PEPLUM film which is mostly forgotten today. Like HERCULES, it also stars Sylva Koscina and Gianna Maria Canale, whom both are listed first during the opening credits. 1958 was a great year for both actresses. The English dialogue is sorta corny (bad dubbing?) but the film itself looks great. It doesn't have the unique touches of the Pietro Francisci directed film but, imo, it's still a stand-out. I finally got hold of some nice prints during my time off (thanks Diana) and I'm making a Fan Dub of it.

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Scott Ochiltree said...

Delighted that you will make a fan dub of this excellent film from good source material.

Presently the free clips have been so bad as to be essentially unwatchable.