Wednesday, October 21, 2015

By the Gods!

Massive pageantry scene for Marcus Vinicius' triumphant return to Rome from QUO VADIS

High Priestess : "Venus, goddess of love!"

Crowd : "We worship you!"

Whether you like this film or not, no one can deny that the production values were amazing in this film.


Scott Ochiltree said...

I agree production values were first class. Naturally there was no CGI 60+ years, which is a plus in my view.

The acting was uneven. Robert Taylor (Marcus Vinicius) and Deborah Kerr (Lygia) seemed a bit wooden, whereas Leo Genn (Petronius) Peter Ustinov (Nero), and Patricia Laffan (Poppaea) were all very good.

Quo Vadis lacks some of the emotional punch of De Mille's "Sign of the Cross" because of its happy ending, but that is simply following the plot of the Victorian novel.

orsh549 said...

Spectacular Movie!! Peter Ustinov was outstanding as Nero in his Oscar winning role as well as both Genn and Laffan. I always liked Deborah Kerr so I thought she did all right with her role. To me Robert Taylor did not strike me as the type to play a Roman Officer in this kind of movie. There were many other actors best suited to play Marcus. I think that Mature or Granger would of been more believable, but he was a big star for MGM and therefore the rest is history.