Thursday, August 20, 2015

By the Gods!

Demetrios (Sal Ponti) fights off Andex the Giant (Robert 'Big Buck' Maffei) in ATLANTIS THE LOST CONTINENT

One of many Hollywood's attempts in trying to make a PEPLUM film, in style and action, including using scenes from other films, like QUO VADIS for this one. It's a mish-mash of genres: sci-fi, fantasy and Antiquity. It's basically Dr Moreau story transplanted in a different time. Not a big fan of it (the main characters are point blank annoying) but I love everything to do with Atlantis so I mostly give it a pass.


orsh549 said...

When this movie hit the theaters it was a big hit. I saw this in our local theater before a packed house of about 550. The Palace was a large movie theater with a balcony. I liked it and as a young boy was is awe. Even when I learned that they used stock footage from QUO VADIS I had and still have a soft spot for this movie after all these years. It's to bad that they didn't involve the use of the submersible more in the movie. They also should have had better costumes for the soldiers. They looked like they were taken from some old Arabian Opus. Still a good Popcorn Movie.

Scott Ochiltree said...

I agree that this movie is a disappointing mess. The best thing in it is the submarine. Making the rescued princess spoiled and nasty was a big error.

George Pal did much better work in "War Of The Worlds" and "The Time Machine."

Steven Lester said...

I have always loved this movie because I saw it when I was just a young teenager, and the various inventions fascinated me, and the subplot of turning men into beasts saddened me. This was also the first film in which I saw Edward Platt, and his performance as the pope-like figure led me to investigate the Catholic Church, and he was always an actor that I looked for ever after. Yes. The volcano explosion at the end was pretty lame. I even thought so at the time I first saw it. But, along with The Egyptian, this was a memorable film for me.