Wednesday, August 19, 2015

By the Gods!

George Ardisson and Pascale Petit, as Cleopatra, in A QUEEN FOR CAESAR

Pascale is still alive but has disappeared from the face of the earth since she retired from acting. There's another Pascale Petit online, a writer/poet, who is not the same person but is often mistaken for an older Pascale the actress. As for George, yes, he's still alive as well. For some odd reason, this film elicits a lot of hatred in some people but I enjoy it. Pascale makes the film.


Scott Ochiltree said...

Pascal was not a very impressive Cleopatra. She did not come across as sufficiently tough and sexy.

The best Cleopatra by far was Claudette Colbert (1934).

Rhonda Fleming was also better than Pascal in "Serpent of the Nile." This movie is best remembered today for Julie Newmar's uncredited gold painted dance number.

Elizabeth Taylor (1963) was pretty good, but the film was a bloated mess overly reliant upon eye candy.

Finally, Vivien Leigh was good in the otherwise flawed "Caesar and Cleopatra (1945).

PEPLUM TV said...

the real Cleopatra was very young when she came into power. 18 years old. Pascale's youthful portrayal is more accurate than all the older actresses' performance.

Scott Ochiltree said...

Peplum cinema is right about Cleopatra's age. She was just 22 when Julius Caesar arrived in Alexandria. This age difference is the focus of Pascal's "Caesar and Cleopatra."

Nevertheless, the recent (and very well received) biography of Cleopatra VII by Stacy Schiff makes it clear that Cleopatra was one tough customer even at her relatively young age. Pascale Petit was just not sufficiently forceful in the role.