Friday, November 7, 2014

By the Gods!

Goliath (Brad Harris) has been found in the bedroom of Princess Elea (Gloria Milland) in GOLIATH AGAINST THE GIANTS

I'll always say this: great production, non existing story. This was Gloria and Brad's first starring role in a PEPLUM film. I have to admit that their relationship in this film makes me giggle. It's hard to describe. One minute she wants to kill him, the next minute she's in love with Goliath, etc. But I love this film even if there's no story and it's a bit goofy.

Back next week!*

*I'm a little under the weather so if I'm not feeling too well by next week you'll know why I won't be posting. 

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orsh549 said...

Love this movie, especially in widescreen. I agree that the plot if there was any kept me scratching my head. A very well done PEPLUM that is a lot of fun to watch.