Friday, November 29, 2013

Photo of the Day

Kellan Lutz as Hercules in the soon to be released HERCULES : THE LEGEND BEGINS

Now this looks like Hercules-style action even if the film, which some say will go straight for the home market, looks nothing like the story of Hercules. We'll have to wait and see eventually…oh and there can never be too many PEPLUM films so it doesn't matter too much if it strays a bit (or much?) from the original source.

Additional photos of Kellan at PEPLUM X: here and here.


Steven Lester said...

How come he can't break those very small chains? I thought he was supposed to be strong.

jimf said...

This is just a still. He will probably break the chains or pull them in, looks like a "feat of strength." This movie is actually looking good to me now.

gpm said...

The trailer makes it look like some sort of misbegotten combo of Gladiator and the Spartacus TV stuff. Trying to remember when it was that the mythological Hercules was sold to a slave trader for games that didn't exist until they were created by a different culture that didn't itself exist until hundreds of years after the era where the big H supposedly flourished. Why bother to call him Hercules? The Telfer version a few years ago, which our graciously awesome host recently derided for other reasons, at least made some connection to the original stories.