Monday, November 25, 2013

Funny PEPLUM moments (intentional or not)

Compilation of funny moments, intentional or not (mostly not...) of PEPLUM films. I like all of these films but there are some unintentionally funny moments here and there so here's bunch of scenes which make me giggle or laugh out loud or make me go WTH?


Steven Lester said...

Oh, yes. One of your best! Even as dour as I am, you (or they) made me laugh multiple times. Thank you. Now I feel better about everything!

PEPLUM TV said...

This is an updated version of the old one I posted months ago. Glad you enjoyed it.

abdul666 said...

Amazing compilation!

In a more subtle way a funny thing in most peplum movies until recently is the way the men haircut followed the fashion of the time the movie was shot.
Of course the mere fact that men and women wear pants under their tunics is historically laughable. Specially when men wear briefs of an obviously modern 'kangaroo' pattern. Not as bad as when you can see the tan mark of the wristwatch on so many hoplites ans legionaries.

A keep of fond memories of the opening credits of one Italian 'Helen of Troy'of the '50: we saw from the back the Greek leaders on horses looking at the city. One of the horses raised its tail and defecated and since the taking was repeated in a loop during the entire credits the same horse raised its tailed and dropped manure every 30 seconds.