Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photo of the Day

Princess Amina (Carmen Sevilla) and tyrannical father Ibrahim (Gino Cervi) prepare for some big news in DESERT WARRIOR

This film was made just before the release of HERCULES and it's a nice solid production if a bit generic. It's an Italian/Spanish co-production but it's really a Spanish production as the two lead actors are Mexican (Ricardo Montalban) and Spanish (Carmen Sevilla). It's even listed at IMDb under its Spanish title: LOS AMANTES DEL DESIERTO. And it was released first in Spain (1957) and in Italy a year later, in December 1958. So it's one of the few Spanish PEPLUM flicks. As another note of interest: according to IMDb, this film has 5 directors to its credit (4 names are listed during the opening credits)!!!

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