Sunday, July 14, 2013

Photo of the Day


A Japanese Anime from 1970, at nearly 2 hours long, it's a totally over-the-top trippy 1970s concoction and I usually love those type of films but this one was meandering in so many different directions that 30 minutes into it and I had already forgotten the point of it all. Kamikaze-disrobing of female characters occur frequently. 

It actually starts off in outer space...yes, outer space and with *real actors* with animated heads on top of the actors' real faces. Folks from some orginazation set in the future send 3 people in the past on a mission to take over the bodies of three living Egyptians all in an attempt to try and figure out why some neighbouring alien's secret plot is called 'The Cleopatra Plan'. Do the earthlings from the future figure it all out by the end of the film? I have no idea. The whole film is on Youtube but without English subtitles (mine has subtitles). Tip: the use of some mind-altering substance is required to appreciate this. 

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