Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saint Sebastian

Saint Sebastian is a famous Christian character that inspired countless of artists to paint a portrait of this doomed man. In movies, Sebastian was portrayed a couple of times in PEPLUM flicks.

Massimo Girotti in FABIOLA


I uploaded a clip of this scene on my Youtube channel and it's the most popular video on my channel

Leonardo Treviglio in SEBASTIANE (1976), an erotic exploration of the story. I haven't seen it so I don't if can be considered a PEPLUM

Michael Biehn in THE MARTYRDOM OF SAINT SEBASTIAN (1984), a French TV movie

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iain said...

1976's Sebastiane is a landmark gay movie, the first feature by the late genius Derek Jarman, who died with HIV/AIDS complications in 1994. Sebastiane is emphatically NOT a Peplum, although there are (perhaps unintended, or unconscious) elements of the genre. The movie is notable for being the first film to be shown theatrically which depicts an erect penis during the extended love scene between two of the men on the beach. This has been cropped out of the available dvd which also appears to be in an incorrect Aspect Ratio. We have hopes that one day a company like Criterion will restore the movie to its stunning homoerotic glory.