Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo of the Day

Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus in the 1961 version of KING OF KINGS directed by Nicholas Ray.

Like the silent version, I have yet to see this film from beginning to end, having seen this BIG film 
sporadically in parts during many years. For me, Jeffrey was the main reason to watch. Jeffrey 
died at the age of 43 in 1969 after brain surgery. What a tragic loss.

Happy Good Friday!


Anonymous said...

One of the best Bibicial Hollywood productions ever. Jeffrey was the perfect actor to portray Jesus. I always remember this scene and how they always did close ups of his beautiful blue eyes. I have this on DVD too. Yes, another fine actor and handsome man that passed away too soon. He was also wonderful as the first Enterprise Capt. on StarTrek too.

Anonymous said...

A good version of the life of CHRIST. When I first saw this movie when I was growing up I had my convictions about it. Over the years I learned to appreciate it, mainly because of the political climate at that turbulent time. Hunter and Randal 2 of the stars made another movie that I think was also filmed in Spain GOLD FOR THE CAESARS shortly after this film. Best version of the life of CHRIST is JESUS OF NAZARETH.