Friday, March 24, 2023

More on the mystery of HERCULES (1953)

Two weeks ago I posted about a Filipino movie called HERCULES and released in 1953. There's very little information on this but IMDb lists it. Someone wrote at a blog that the movie itself is not real but another title. But upon further investigation, mainly thanks to Paul, the movie seems to be real but it is considered a lost film. As the image above shows, at the bottom right, it's part of list of 'Lost Filipino Films.'

But...there's a website that claims they have it. I personally don't trust those kind of websites and I won't register to find out but I highly doubt they have it. Anyway, if someone wants to try it go ahead. 

I can accept the fact that the movie is lost but I find it hard that all publicity material and photos of the movie are also lost. If there were a couple of photos or another poster artwork I would believe it but for now I'm not 100% convinced of it being real, mainly because the poster artwork looks more 1960s than early 1950s.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone could ask Ms. Gloria Romero herself. Here she is two months ago with her daughter:

Anonymous said...

This poster for the film Diwani (1953) has a very similar design to that for Hercules, although it does list the director at the bottom.
If both posters do come from 1953 then this suggests that there was in fact a film Hercules (at least in preparation).