Monday, November 7, 2022


An impromptu match between Hercules (Alan Steel) and Samson (Nadir Moretti) in SAMSON AND THE MIGHTY CHALLENGE (1964)

Were wrestling matches/fights in Antiquity cordoned off this way? This occurs in other PEPLUM movies which tells me it's historically accurate. This screenshot is from the recent French DVD which is the best copy available out there but it's still nowhere near excellent, as Alan's face is blurry. This movie is often ridiculed and though there are some scenes that are sorta annoying, in general I like it a lot. It's a parody of PEPLUM movies and I believe a lot of people miss this point.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if the German DVD of Die Vernichtung des Dschingis Khan
is good quality?

PEPLUM TV said...

I don't have that DVD. From the distributor's website, the movie is apparently in 4:3 aspect ratio not widescreen so I assume it's from an old print.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Widescreen is a must for these films.