Thursday, March 31, 2022

By the Gods!

Vladimir Brajovic as Caligula in CALIGULA AND MESSALINA (1981) 

A Blu-ray of this movie is now available from Severin. Below is a screenshoot of this HD copy. Above is a scene from the DVD copy. The BD is an extended cut, or longer than the previous version available, and yet the scene above is not included. That scene on the Blu-ray version starts with the screenshot below. I don't know how many different versions there are of this movie but it's hard to keep up. Spoiler: In this scene, Caligula is killed, which happens halfway into the story. The movie sorta looses track and it's not the same without crazy Caligula around. One of many sleazy PEPLUM movies released in the 1980s after the success of the infamous Bob Guccione's CALIGULA (1979).


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