Thursday, December 2, 2021

By the Gods!

Diane de Poitiers (Lana Turner) tutors Prince Henri (Roger Moore) in DIANE (1956)

I like this movie. It's one good looking movie. Lana Turner did this after THE PRODIGAL (1955) which I mentioned on Tuesday's post. It's interesting to see how her career went from Bad Girl to historical characters like Diane de Poitiers. The production, like THE PRODIGAL, is excellent. Beautiful scenes and composition (like this shot) makes it look like a true Picture Book. I'm amazed how people don't see how aesthetically pleasing both Turner movies were. The role pf Prince Henri was initially set for Edmund Purdom but Turner refused to work with Purdom after he and Lana worked together in THE PRODIGAL. The role went to another young and upcoming British actor, Roger Moore. I'm reading Edmund Purdom's book written by his daughter. It's sorta revealing, a mixed bag of gossip and actual personal anecdotes. The screenshot was taken from a nice quasi HD print I recently got. 

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Anonymous said...

Diane is a wonderful movie in every way. I'm surprised it doesn't have a better reputation than it does. The end scene, with that swelling Miklos Rozsa score, it heartbreaking.