Thursday, July 23, 2020

Steve Reeves' leading ladies: who's your favorite?

Steve Reeves made 14 PEPLUM movies and of those movies he starred along beautiful leading ladies. He often had two female characters he was besotted by (or vice versa).

Note: I only included those who were lovers of Reeves' characters, or women who tried to seduce him. For example, I didn't include Gianna Maria Canale from SON OF SPARTACUS because she doesn't try to seduce him or show any interest in Reeves' character, Randus.

Who's your favorite?

HERCULES (1958) - Sylva Koscina

Sylva Koscina played Iole, the fated daughter of King Pelias. Her family goes through a lot once Hercules (Reeves) shows up to help Pelias with training his soldiers. A perennial favorite. 

HERCULES UNCHAINED (1959) - Sylvia Lopez

The statuesque Sylvia Lopez played Omphale in this sequel to the popular 1958 release. Omphale tried to make Hercules forget all about Iole.

HERCULES UNCHAINED (1959) - Sylva Koscina

Sylva reprised her role as Iole even though she had to 'share' screen time with a rival in Omphale.

THE WHITE WARRIOR (1959) - Giorgia Moll

The comely Giorgia Moll was the 'nice' love interest to Steve's character. This was her first of two films she made with Steve.

THE WHITE WARRIOR (1959) - Scilla Gabel

Scilla Gabel played the bored princess who sympathized with Agi Murad (Reeves)


Cuban-born Chelo Alonso was the hip shaking love interest to Reeves' Goliath. Another perennial favorite of many fans.

THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII (1959) - Christine Kaufmann

Christine's first big role in a PEPLUM movie was being the leading love interest to Steve Reeves. She was 14 years old when she made the movie!

THE GIANT OF MARATHON (1959) - Mylène Demongeot

Mylène Demongeot was the moody leading leading in this Steve Reeves action epic. 

THE GIANT OF MARATHON (1959) - Daniela Rocca

Daniela Rocca's character tried to seduce Phillipides (Reeves) to no avail. 

MORGAN THE PIRATE (1960) - Chelo Alonso

Chelo and Steve returned in this excellent pirate movie. She loved Morgan but Morgan had his eyes set on someone else.

MORGAN THE PIRATE (1960) - Valérie Lagrange

Valérie Lagrange was the chaste love interest to Reeves' Captain Morgan. 

THE THIEF OF BAGHDAD (1961) - Giorgia Moll

Giorgia and Steve were re-united for this colorful fantasy adventure. 

THE THIEF OF BAGHDAD (1961) - Edy Vessel

Edy Vessel played a seductress who tried to kill Karim (Reeves). A brief but memorable role.

THE TROJAN HORSE (1961) - Juliette Mayniel

Juliette played Creusa, the tragic wife of Aeneas. 

THE TROJAN HORSE (1961) - Edy Vessel

Edy Vessel, as Helen of Troy, was a seductress to Reeves' Aeneas. 

DUEL OF THE TITANS (1961) - Virna Lisi

Virna Lisi was cast as the love-interest to Reeves' Romulus.

SON OF SPARTACUS (1962) - Ombretta Colli

Ombretta played a slave that Randus (Reeves) saved.

THE LAST GLORY OF TROY (1962) - Carla Marlier

Carla was the moody love interest to Reeves' Aeneas in this sequel to THE TROJAN HORSE.

SANDOKAN THE GREAT (1963) - Geneviève Grad

Geneviève Grad and Reeves' characters became romantically involved during their arduous struggle.

SANDOKAN - PIRATE OF MALAYSIA (1964) - Jacqueline Sassard

Jacqueline was the chaste love interest to Reeves' Sandokan. There's very little romance in it but a Hero always had to have a leading lady to support him.

That's it. A pretty good list of beautiful and interesting characters.

So, who's your favorite?


gshmd said...

Sylva Koscina!

orsh549 said...

Sylva koscina is my favorite, but these beautiful actresses were all very good.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Lopez as Omphale.

stonesmasher said...

Chelo!Because of her dancing abilities,plus I'm partial to Latinas.Giorgia Moll was the prettiest.

Scott Ochiltree said...

They were all great, but my preference is Sylvia Koscina.

Foxman said...


ap said...

Sylva Koscina!

RobertW said...

Chelo Alonso seems to me the most alluring woman since the beginning of cinema, if not of the world, so I'd rank her first.
Second would be Sylvia Koscina because of her key role in the films at the core of Steve Reeves' cinematic legend.

arvk616 said...

Sylva Koscina gets my vote for number one favorite with Mylène Demongeot a close second. Edy Vessel and Chelo Alonso get honorable mention.

AxeM said...

Personal favorites


Though they all were wonderful.

AxeM said...

My personal favorites are Sylva Koscina, Giorgia Moll, and Mylène Demongeot. Although yes, they are all wonderful. Edy Vessel was the perfect choice for the face that launched a thousand ships.

stefan li said...

Sylva koscina both gorgeous and endearing .she was a perfect match for steve reeves .I liked also Mylene Demongeot, a beautiful lady who starred in many Peplums as well.

Anonymous said...

Sylva koscina

pdgregg said...

Sylvia Lopez, Scilla Gabel & Chelo Alonso for me...