Monday, August 26, 2019

When the entire cast shared the same screen credit

There was a time when opening credits of movies heralded the entire cast on screen all at once. It's a quaint, archaic style which probably bruised a few egos back then, of those who thought they shouldn't share their names with anyone else.

The entire cast of GOLGOTHA (1935) not only shared the same screen time but their names appeared at the end, not even during the opening credits.

The entire main cast of SIGN OF THE CROSS (1932)

Excluding Preston Foster, who's name appears alone for a split second, the entire cast of THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII (1935)

The entire cast of ANDROCLES & THE LION (1952). This one is amazing.

The lead actors in THE QUEEN OF SHEBA (1953)

Sophia Loren and the cast of AIDA (1953). Missing is Lois Maxwell who gets a special mention.

The entire lead cast of CAPTAIN TEMPEST (1961) scrolls over screen. 

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