Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tab Hunter, R.I.P.

Tab Hunter passed away yesterday at the age of 86. His only PEPLUM film was THE GOLDEN ARROW (1962), co-starring Rossana Podestà and directed by Antonio Margheriti. Though released in Italy in 1962, the film was released in 1964 in the USA. Oddly enough, this film is very polarizing. I've heard people say it's good while others say it's total trash. I showed this film on my old Livestream Justin TV channel and the criticism it got was harsh. I think it's fun if a bit too fluffy. I don't understand the hatred. Oh we'll...Tab, R.I.P..


Anonymous said...

It's fluffy yes, but so are most of the Arabian Nights movies. Tab looks great Rossana Podesta is always wonderful. Forget the criticism, it's well worth seeing. I can't believe it hasn't been release on DVD anywhere.

orsh549 said...

This is not a great movie, but I have enjoyed watching it. It's a fun movie and well worth the watch. Tab Hunter's voice was dubbed and that was sort of a big mistake because it did not even sound like him at all. RIP Tab you made some really good movies.

Richard Svensson said...

I'll join in with the rest and say that this movie doesn't deserve any harsh criticism. Those who attack it in that way must've expected something completely different from what they got. It's a very light movie, but it doesn't claim to be anything but that.