Thursday, May 4, 2017

By the Gods!

Harry Hamlin, as Perseus, and Tim Pigott-Smith are on a quest in CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981)

Tim Pigott-Smith died last month at the age of 70. His other PEPLUM films include ALEXANDER (2004), a TV production of ANTONY & CLEOPATRA (1974), among other productions. To me, he'll always be remembered as Thallo in CLASH OF THE TITANS.


Richard Svensson said...

I remember Tim Piggot-Smith from tons of movies and British TV shows, the excellent "The Jewel In the Crown", among many others. From his Peplum record he also appeared on the 2004 "Alexander", and the 15th century Doctor Who adventure "The Masque of Mandragora." He was just one of those ever-reliable actors who could be put into any type of story and do a stellar job.

Scott Ochiltree said...

This movie was enjoyable to see once, but does not bear repeat viewing in my view. In brief, the whole manages to be less than the sum of its parts in violation of a classic principle of mathematics.