Monday, October 3, 2016

By the Gods!

Gordon Mitchell is recruiting rebels like Pietro Marascalchi in REVENGE OF THE GLADIATORS (aka Revenge of Spartacus)

One of three 'Slave' films directed by Michele Lupo. The other two are 7 SLAVES AGAINST ROME (or the World) and SEVEN REBEL GLADIATORS. This movie is more serious than the other two, which are almost comedies, but then again, this being a Lupo film, super high melodrama and action are still in order. Mitchell made several films in the PEPLUM genre but apparently hated it. As for Marascalchi, he's a stock PEPLUM actor, having appeared in a handful of films, including playing Moloch in HERCULES AGAINST MOLOCH. Impressive fellow. No info on whatever happened to him.

There's another film with the title REVENGE OF THE GLADIATORS. It stars Mickey Hargitay. Though this Lupo film was officially released by Paramount in the US with this title, I like calling it VENGEANCE OF SPARTACUS instead, so as not to confuse it with the Hargitay one.

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