Monday, February 15, 2016

By the Gods!

Pythias (Don Burnett) is led into a trap by Damon (Guy Williams) in DAMON & PYTHIAS

This is how the two meet and their friendship is created. If I had been Pythias, I would have been more upset about Damon trying to rob me but that's how the story was written. The two actors were friends it seems. Burnett made one other film before retiring from acting. As for Guy, he made another PEPLUM style film, CAPTAIN SINDBAD before starring in LOST IN SPACE TV series. This film is considered to be in the public domain and yet Warner Archives have released an official DVD of this. Hmm...confusion.


Scott Ochiltree said...

It is interesting that Warner Archives has released a DVD of this public domain flick.

The issue of movies entering the public domain is very much a proverbial "two edged sword."

On the one hand they are available for free over the Internet or relatively cheaply on DVDs.

However, their visual and sound quality is often simply terrible. Sinister Cinema releases are a grim example!

Ideally a movie would stay in copyright as long as it were available on DVD or over the Internet in pristine condition (in the original aspect ratio and region code free) for a MSRP cost of no more than US $19.95.

orsh549 said...

Warner Archives has done an outstanding job with this movie.