Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jacques Sernas, RIP

Jacques and Rossana Podestà in HELEN OF TROY

While I took a month off, PEPLUM star Jacques Sernas died. He was 89 years old. He was star of countless PEPLUM films and was one of the major actors of the genre. He was given an opportunity that most actors of the genre, including Steve Reeves, never got : lead role in a major Hollywood epic which was HELEN OF TROY. Unfortunately that film failed to establish him as a leading man in other Hollywood productions but he became one with European / Italian films. Aside from the 4 films listed here he was also in GODDESS OF LOVE, SIGN OF THE GLADIATOR, GOLIATH AND THE VAMPIRES, SON OF SPARTACUS, QUEEN OF THE TARTARS, DUEL OF CHAMPIONS, THE NIGHTS OF LUCRETIA BORGIA and that's just on the top of my head. He was overlooked compared to other actors and I always enjoyed his presence. All the PEPLUM stars are dying off.


Jacques costarred along with Steve Reeves and Virna Lisi in DUEL OF THE TITANS

Gianna Maria Canale starred along with Jacques in CONQUEROR OF CORINTH

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Steven Lester said...

I really loved The Loves of Salammbo.