Monday, February 23, 2015

Movie Poster Mondays

British poster for GODDESS OF LOVE 

I posted the full movie on Youtube. The situation with titles for this film is, as usual with PEPLUM films, confusing. The US title is THE GODDESS OF LOVE with ugly artwork, while the colorful British poster shows the name Aphrodite it's actually wasn't meant to be part of the title but some claim it is, including IMDb. It's just GODDESS OF LOVE. The International English version is called THE VENUS OF CHERONEA (I'd love to see a print of that one). Some countries included Aphrodite in the title but some didn't. Germany actually called this HELENA THE COURTESAN OF ATHENS. Odd since Belinda's character is called Iride. IMDb lists Belinda's character as Aphrodite, which is an error.


Michael O'Sullivan said...

Great poster, Belinda is terrific in this and its a favourite peplum.

I covered two amusing ones recently, the 1961 George Pal ATLANTIS THE LOST CONTINENT (not seen since I was a kid) and Rod and Ed in COLOSSUS AND THE AMAZON QUEEN, which is now on YouTube.

Unknown said...

I just saw this on YouTube. Thanks for posting it. I thought it was a unique and very interesting departure for peplum, focusing more on love, jealousy and lust, and less on beefcakes and battles. Keep up the great work.

Any chance you have a copy of Antinea L'Amante Della Citta Sepolta you can put on YouTube?