Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moloch, evil PEPLUM god!

Artists representations of Moloch, the sacrificial evil God people sacrificed children to, often related to Carthage and Carthaginians.

From Wikipedia:

"Moloch worship was practiced by the Canaanites, Phoenicians, and related cultures in North Africa and the Levant."

At the movies:

There were several films with Moloch as the main evil God mere mortals feared. THE PRODIGAL had a Moloch-like sacrificial statue but I didn't include it as it's not identified as such; the name of the Pagan God was Baal, male God of the flesh, which was often confused with Moloch or that Baal and Moloch are basically on different sides of the same coin.

 The grand daddy of PEPLUM films, CABIRIA (1914), featured Moloch in its main storyline


From HERCULES AGAINST MOLOCH, with Moloch played by Pietro Marascalchi

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Richard Svensson said...

And, of course, sacrifice to Moloch is briefly seen in "Metropolis" as a symbol for the workers "fed" to the machines of the great city.