Monday, March 19, 2018


Preview of rare film starring Virna Lisi. The original was shot in color but this copy is in black & white. No English subs for it yet.

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Anonymous said...

Off topic but I was curious as to what you think about two recent Sword and Sandal publications. One is an 80 page UK special edition magazine called The Fabulous Fifties: Peplum. The other is a book titled Heroes Never Die by Barry Atkinson. I recently got them and I have mixed feelings about both.

PEPLUM Cinema said...

I ordered the Fantastic Fifties: PEPLUM magazine so I'm still waiting for it but I doubt I'll buy the HEROES NEVER DIE book. I read a couple of reviews and they are so off the mark that I figured I'd never get anything out of it. One of the reviews I read was for MARS - GOD OF WAR (aka Venus vs Son of Hercules), and the author calls it 'outlandish.' Well, outlandish is the last word I would use to describe this movie. It's one of the most low key PEPLUM films ever made. Yes, there are some startling, colourful moments in it but again outlandish is not an apt descriptive word. He also says that Massimo Serato has a walk-in role. I'm like, 'What?' Massimo's role in MARS - GOD OF WAR is more than a walk-in role. Not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Although the color version (color or black and white versions are available) of Heroes Never Die is nicely illustrated, the text is something else. The author's writing is incredibly repetitious. How many times must one refer to a film score as "thundering" or say that the leading lady could eat the leading man for breakfast (usually in reference to poor Jacques Sernas). Also, I don't know how long ago the book was written but the author continually bemoans the fact that many titles are not available on DVD or, if they are, the transfers are terrible. Most of these titles I have on DVD with great transfers from Europe. The author is in the U.K. so he should have easier access to them than I do. It is a decent book for readers who know little about the genre because at least it lists most of the films but for the likes of us, worthless.

PEPLUM Cinema said...

I thought so. The color version is $75.00!!!

It's amazing that these books keep getting published! And there are more books to be published this year.

I'm seriously planning on writing a book on the subject but with so many books out now, it's a glutted market

Anonymous said...

If you buy the color version direct from Midnight Marquee Press it is only $40.

Yes, concentrate on your website. There are already far too many books out now on Sword and Sandal
movies. Another one might get lost in the shuffle.