Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Different titles: HERCULES CONQUERS ATLANTIS (1961)

HERCULES CONQUERS ATLANTIS (aka Hercules and the Captive Women) was released in 1961. It had a big budget and was shot in Technirama. It was also Reg Park's film debut. It's a classic. I recently uploaded the original opening credits at PEPLUM TV WORLD, so I decided to showcase the different titles today. It sorta gets confusing in that the International English version is the one most often used, even for Italian or French copies.

Original Italian version

You'd think this would be the most available opening credit and yet it's not. The one below is the standard.

International English version

This version is pretty much the de facto opening credits, even if the language is in French or Italian.

You can view this opening credits at PEPLUM TV WORLD

US version

New English animated opening credits for the US market. It's okay but the original version is much more fun. The new title is more sensationalistic than the original one. I don't mind it but I prefer HERCULES CONQUERS ATLANTIS.

French version

My 2 copies in French have the English opening credits. I got this from another source.

German version

The German version is sorta underwhelming.  No big bold letters.

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Brrrodie the Westie said...

Thanks for posting! This is very illustrative of the cycle. I'm sure it took time but result is worth it * * * * *