Thursday, January 18, 2018


I uploaded the entire THE ODYSSEY mini-series starring Bekim Fehmiu, Irene Papas and a host of other actors (Mimmo Palmara, etc). 8 episodes. All in Italian with English subs. I made these Fan Subs years ago. It took a long time to do. The entire series was never dubbed in English but an abbreviated movie made from scenes of the mini-series was.

I won't post all 8 episodes here since no one starts watching a series from the last episodes. This is an exclusive. These uploads are blocked in Italy but viewable around the world.

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Steven Lester said...

I watched almost the whole series and found it excellent, although the ending is changed somewhat from the "book". I loved the story as it was portrayed, however. And Penelope was in every way an equal to Odysseus. What a great lady she was.

Richard Svensson said...

I remember watching this series on Swedish TV when I was a kid. Very moody and enjoyable.