Tuesday, December 12, 2017

AFRODITE - DEA DELL'AMORE (Aphrodite - Goddess of Love) - Preview

Preview of AFRODITE - DEA DELL'AMORE (1958) starring Irène Tunc, Isabelle Corey, Anthony Steffen, Ivo Garrani and Giulio Donnini. Such a good looking film!

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1 comment:

Scott Ochiltree said...

First class Peplum with a great dance scene.

Every Peplum needs a good dance scene, along with a dramatic fight to the death between the hero and the villain (normally towards the end of the film).

A female slave market scene is also always a good touch, as is a villainess in a litter (preferably Gianna Maria Canale).

SLAVE OF CARTHAGE executes these elements perfectly, although it suffers from the unfortunate blinding business in the script.