Wednesday, November 15, 2017

PEPLUM TV RETRO 'Quick clip' : SALAMBO (1914)

A 'Quick clip' scene from SALAMBO (1914). Spendius finds himself in a field of dead bodies. Amazing scene.

I could only upload a small snippet of this film because some jerk added a score on top of it (and its omnipresent) and the score is mostly copyrighted. A film that's over 100 years old is still copyrighted! I like this film. There are some great scenes in it. The actor who plays Spendius is not credited. 

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Scott Ochiltree said...

Thanks, most interesting.

Full length big budget movies were started in Italy prior to 1914 by directors such as Giovanni Pastrone (CABIRIA).

In Hollywood D.W. Griffith followed up with such films as BIRTH OF A NATION and INTOLERANCE.

Anonymous said...

If you can fan-dub a movie, you can also fan-undub the score off this...?

Bad film scores... Years ago I bought a DVD of Hitchcock's The Lodger, only to find that it had the Radetzky March as soundtrack... Not originally, but someone had just got the silent material, and plopped this music under it.
The movie became unwatchable.


PEPLUM Cinema said...

The only way to do a Fan-unsub with this film is removing the entire sound /audio. I've been thinking about it but watching a silent silent picture is kinda dull.