Thursday, October 26, 2017

New PEPLUM TV channel

The PEPLUM TV universe is expanding. I've created a new Youtube channel called PEPLUM TV RETRO. I have TONS of films in my collection, from old TV broadcasts to VHS sources, some of which were the first stuff I got for my collection. I also have old Fan Dubs I wouldn't necessarily upload to my current PEPLUM TV channel. I'll upload these at RETRO (with Youtube permitting). The channel will also include film clips and compilations, and other stuff. The first film I uploaded there is VENGEANCE OF URSUS. It's a Fan Dub I've made an I think it's one of my best Fan Dubs I created. Someone else has claimed this public domain movie (I won't try to fight it since it might bring untoward attention to the channel than anything else). This Fan Dub has ben uploaded at different channels on YT but it's mine.

Please subscribe to the channel as I'll be updating it gradually. The channel needs 10K views to be certified. So, make sure to check it out! Click the image above or the link below it.

I'll be adding additional channels in the near future, including one with movies in other languages than English.

This would be the right time to give a donation to PEPLUM TV with Paypal, which is always appreciated : PEPLUM TV Paypal

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