Thursday, August 24, 2017

Video of the week : MACISTE VS THE CZAR - Feat of strength

Feat of strength scene from Maciste vs the Czar starring Kirk Morris, Massimo Serato, Gloria Milland and others.

Brawny scene!

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james E. Parten said...

This turns out to be an unusual test of strength/deathtrap for one of these pictures.
Usually, if you see a muscle-man, and some teams of horses, you expect a tug-of-war, with Our Boy getting pulled from both sides. This is a great way to show off the ol' biceps, triceps and pecs, back before the six-pack abs became a sine qua non.

Her, Maciste has to keep in step with the teams of horses, as they parade around the pedestal--and avoid getting dizzy and falling into the cunnngly-placed sword blades.

This picture also has an elaborate--if mechanically suspect--torture/execution device, from which Maciste saves two sweet young things.