Thursday, May 25, 2017

Video of the week : DESERT RAIDERS - Full Movie

Full movie starring Kirk Morris, Rosalba Neri, Hélène Chanel and Paul Muller.

An exclusive FanSub I made. For film purists, I had to make some changes to film in order for it to be viewable on Youtube.


I'm taking some time off after tomorrow. I'll be uploading more clips and films to PEPLUM TV channel during that time so make sure to keep an eye on the Youtube channel. You'll soon notice a 'theme' to the uploads.


phf said...

What sort of changes?

PEPLUM Cinema said...

I had to alter some of the music

Scott Ochiltree said...

Most interesting. I presume the problem with some of the music was a copyright issue. My guess had been that the torture scene was what YouTube insisted come out.

Scott Ochiltree said...

Thanks very much for posting such a good copy of this first rate "Arabian Nights" type movie. Personally I strongly prefer subtitles to dubbing.

"Arabian Nights" films are one of my favorite genres, provided they are played totally straight with no comical sidekicks, etc. Sorcerers and flying carpets are OK as long as they are to be taken seriously.

This movie could not be made today in its present form for the following "political correctness" reasons:

1. Female roles are way too passive. These days heroines get to do their fair share of killing. Rosalba Neri was perfect in this "damsel in distress" role. One would have expected more assertiveness from Gianna Maria Canale in the same role.

2. The Arab villain was too evil (having a woman eaten alive by crocodiles, for example). The book REEL BAD ARABS complains about Hollywood's past treatment of Arabs.