Thursday, December 22, 2016

Video of the Week : GODDESS OF LOVE - Full movie

Video of the Week : GODDESS OF LOVE starring Jacques Sernas, Belinda Lee and Massimo Girotti. In Italian with English subs.


My Christmas gift to all of my followers, just in time for the holidays!


Richard Svensson said...

Many thanks for sharing! :)

Tim Mayer said...

Nice! Wasn't there another Peplum channel on YouTube?

PEPLUM Cinema said...

You're welcome, Richard

Tim, yes but I had to close the channel because of Youtube's meddling

Tim Mayer said...

Damn, so sorry to hear that. It was one of my "go-to" channels when I wanted to watch something at night.
Do you still have that fan-subbed version of The Bacchanae? I showed it on my Android Phone to several people who were interested in period of Greek history.
Understand about the meddling, I gave up on my own "Spy Movie Channel" because of the copyright trolls.