Thursday, June 4, 2015

THE LAST DAYS OF POMPEII (1959) - 'Climax/Eruption'


There are several climaxes from the different versions of this story including the French version, SINS OF POMPEII, which is equally excellent but this one edged it out.


Steven Lester said...

That was a GREAT volcano, and I'd love to know how the Special Effects people made it. And I really enjoyed all the collapsing buildings as well. I saw this first-run back in the 60's when I was a little kid, and I remember being very sad that all of those people died like that. I don't think there was that much destruction in real life, though. It was a two-day eruption and most people were able to escape. Those who stayed, though, for whatever reason, were killed instantly by the hot ash flow that cascaded down the mountain at about 70 mph at about 1PM, as I remember, leaving about 32 feet of covering left.

scott ochiltree said...

Pompeii had a pre-eruption population of about 20,000. The death toll is estimated to have been around 3,000.

orsh549 said...

There are many documentaries and books available about Pompeii. There seems to be uncertainty about the death toll. I had the privilege of visiting Pompeii not to long ago and even then they weren't sure. Many of those that escaped the initial eruption may have succumbed in the final phase, and the area it covered was about 50 to 75sq. miles all the towns in this area were totally obliterated. There could of been as many as 25,000 deaths. They are still excavating and there will be more answers to what happened or present more questions only time will tell. That whole area today is still a Boiling Pot and Vesuvius may awaken anytime.