Thursday, October 30, 2014

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Official Trailer

Official trailer for EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS - directed by Ridley Scott. Looks like a LORD OF THE RINGS revision of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. It seems to be full of special effects like the screenshot below. Hmm.... Anyway, Christian Bale recently claimed that Moses was “barbaric” and “likely schizophrenic" which has upset a lot of Christians.


scott ochiltree said...

Remakes of such classics as "Quo Vadis," "The Ten Commandments," and "Ben Hur" have a clear record of being disappointing.

"Exodus: Gods and Kings" would appear to be headed in that direction.

orsh549 said...

This film might be worth a look, and that's when I'll decide. Bale's comments that Moses was Barbaric sounds as if that's how he approached the role and played it with the director's blessing. The TV Miniseries TEN COMMANDMENTS portrayed Moses as a man of faith who did display signs of barbarism when dealing with the many enemies they confronted and controlling the many Jews sometimes very harshly.