Wednesday, February 5, 2014

KICKSTARTER poll result

Here are the results of the Kickstarter poll I posted a week ago: link

Thanks to those who voted yes. 16 is a low number though considering the blog gets between 800 and 1200 visits a day. I'll work on the proposal for the project but I want to make sure there's some real support behind it before green-lighting it.


Angeline B. Adams said...

I guess what it comes down to is presenting not only WHAT you want to do, but also HOW... Making a documentary is not only cutting some clips together; there's a whole technical and narrative angle to it. Not to mention that you'll have to find funding for it, and distribution/market.
Also, Kickstarter has been having some bad press lately, and I think people in general are sitting on the fence about anything that needs money committed to it.
One example of a Kickstarter campaign with 'clout' is this one:
Though I see that even though it's a project by seasoned professionals, and has the cooperation of some big name artists (relatively), it's not going to meet its target easily...
Perhaps if you want to see a documentary done, it's worth looking into other avenues - would there be a production company interested in producing it, is there any funding to be had, interest of broadcasting cooperations... That's the sort of questions you can ask yourself. What might also be a good basis for the project is first having it out as a book...
Either way, good luck - we'll keep an eye out for any developments!


PEPLUM Cinema said...

Thanks for the link and the tips.

I agree with everything you wrote. It's almost impossible to get enough funding with KICKSTARTER to cover all the expenses. I'll be working on the campaign angle or a pitch for production company but the main problem is selling the idea for these films, to KICKSTARTER donors or even production companies. Even if there are many visitors that visit this blog the whole PEPLUM genre is a hard sell to the general public or even film production companies or distributors.

For me, a great documentary with excellent overview of the genre, with interviews and great clips would be truly entertaining because to most the experience would be brand new in the sense that they've never seen most of these films and it would be like watching something new…old but new...but getting to that point is the difficult part, convincing folks to invest in a documentary. A real documentary not an ordinary one hour TV doc. I definitely don't want to do something like just showing clips (which I'm doing right now with Youtube) but a real banquet of stuff.