Crowdfunding campaign for PEPLUM documentary

As I work on the blog nearly on a daily basis and having acquire deep knowledge of the PEPLUM genre the next logical step would be to make a documentary on the very subject which I love talking about. I already upload compilation clips at my Youtube channel which is in part like a documentary. That aspect is pretty easy for me to do. I do film editing almost on a daily basis so the concept of creating a visual representation of the PEPLUM genre would be easy. But just showing clips of movies together is of limited interest. In order to make the documentary compelling it would be necessary to interview any surviving PEPLUM actors, visit locations, research, etc, which means loads of traveling and such.

Also, in order to show clips from films I would need to acquire the rights to showcase those clips for viewers around the world. It's one thing to show film sequences from films in the public domain, like I did yesterday with HERCULES and the 'A Single Sandal' mini-film but it's another thing altogether to use them for a documentary which will play on TV or at the movies or festivals. All of these things cost a lot of money which is why I'd like to use the crowdfunding route.

Doing a documentary would be a natural progression of this blog. But I need support. So feel free to take the time to answer the poll below:

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Mr. Banstead said...

You have my vote.

I'm loving the "Spartacus" poster.